Building & Construction

Make an Impact – and Get an Edge

Comprehensive and visually powerful media for construction bids

  • Clarify complex staging of projects
  • Demonstrate materials handling and traffic activities
  • Animate construction in 4D, including timed milestones
  • Clearly demonstrate key activities or highlights

Construction Promo video - See services below

Our Approach

We work closely with bid teams to ensure our 4D construction animations reflects the methodology proposed in bid submissions.

  • DEFINE – Help the bid team define a scope from the services below that reflects the submission requirements 
  • DESIGN – Design a proof of concept using bid assets and planning documents.
  • REFINE – Provide an agile workflow that allows for change as the construction planning evolves
  • DELIVER – Provide high product visibility over the development to ensure delivery certainty

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Videos for Tender Submission

Add a memorable element by including a video to your bid submission. It adds that ‘wow’ factor and can demonstrate your construction management plan clearly.

  • 4D construction animations that reflect your final program
  • Fly-through animation to demonstrate your D&C design effectively
  • Identify and clarify key activities with detailed animation
  • Animated maps to clarify complicated traffic management plans
  • Video of team members or workplace activity to add a human dimension
  • Voice overs to add further detail to the visual messaging

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3D Staging Stills

Using 3D Staging Images in printed submissions not only improves technical explanation, but adds colour and life to the documentation.

  • Visually enhance printed documents
  • Reduce ‘walls of text’ in explanations
  • Get your message across faster and more clearly
  • Clearly demonstrate technical installation processes

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Interactive Staging Viewer

Interactive staging viewer allows the user to explore and present using a 4D construction plan model in real-time.

  • Communicate dynamically with bid teams
  • Present ‘ad-lib’ to construction stakeholders

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Explainer and Promotional videos

3D Visualisation and product animation can improve how your audience engages with your product

  • Clearly explain installation processes
  • Demonstrate safety features in simulated environments
  • Save on production costs by leveraging computer generated assets and environment

We also produce Virtual Reality product experiences. See out Technical page for more information



Site Induction Content

Site inductions form a critical component of site awareness and safety. Leverage the content and assets that helped you win the bid for this essential messaging.

  • Present memorable and engaging induction experiences
  • Deliver inductions that reflect site status
  • Flexibly deliver content to various trades

For more information on the future of site inductions see our Technical page