Dedicated. Passionate. Professional

Our team is passionate about the benefits of visualisation

Our Vision

We use the latest technology to help our clients communicate complex concepts more effectively

Our Team

As an industry leader in 3D and 4D animation technology, Impact Multimedia has a team of highly trained professionals. Our staff consistently delivers results above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Shane Gates

Managing Director

Shane’s background in mechanical engineering and CAD helps provide insight to the value of visualisation tools in the learning process. He is passionate about exploring new visualisation technologies and their real world application

Albert Pui

Creative Director

Albert Pui has a critical eye for aesthetic detail and a relentless pursuit for improving production workflow and quality assured outcomes.

Luaay Naboulsi

Senior 3D Modeller

Luaay loves to immerse himself in new applications and has a particular passion for modeling and coding in the Virtual Reality environment.

Adan Hancock

3D Artist / Video Editor

Adan is a technical artist with strong analytical skills. He also contributes significantly to our detailed 3D materials and assets.

Francis Falzon

3D Artist / Modeller

With over 12 years refining his skills as a 3D visualisation specialist in the field of architecture, Francis has falcon like vision when evaluating design aesthetic.