High-quality architecture CGI visualisation

Leading 3D rendering and animation for property and infrastructure projects

Architecture visualisation

CGI visualisation is now easier than ever before. At Impact Multimedia, we produce high-quality CGI content, leading in 3D rendering and animation for property and infrastructure projects. We’re a friendly, local design team that’s resourceful, responsive, and collaborative. With extensive experience managing tight deadlines, we ensure delivering your CGI content is easier than ever before. Receive updates fast with our high speed Fibre1000 internet connection and provide feedback effortlessly with our cloud-based review platform.

Impact’s architecture visualisation includes all your media needs:

  • Architectural renderings
  • Fly-through animations
  • Concept renders
  • Impact study renders
  • Development approval images

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Architecture visualisation video


Having worked on hundreds of construction submissions we can visually demonstrate feasible solutions then work with you to understand specific requirements. Ultimately all projects are unique, and we are happy to discuss your specific requirements, prepare a customised competitive proposal and provide a media checklist on engagement to simplify the process.


The reality of developing a construction methodology is that information doesn’t always come steady or complete or from a single source. That’s fine, will coordinate with your bid team seamlessly and dynamically. A partial concept is sometimes enough for us to produce a draft that inspires that great idea. Our experienced team of developers know construction and work quickly with your technical information allowing your engineers to focus on solutions and not waste precious time explaining construction principles.


We understand that bid process is dynamic and the scope defined is not always the scope delivered. Our agile production style and change management strategy provide unprecedented flexibility throughout the process.

We provide access to an online review platform that is easy to use and allows commenting for multiple delegates, version control and a presentation mode. All comments are updated instantly, facilitating unparalleled responsiveness by our production team.


We have extensive experience with tight deadlines associated with RFP timeframes and offer the fastest turn around for premium 3D construction methodology animation and stills. Our production speed, feedback loop and Fibre1000 high speed internet connection allows us to deliver your high-quality media files fast so you solve problems and win bids.

Residential Visualisation

An architectural render must convey the ideal mood, be inviting and demonstrate comfort and liveability. These are the inspirations behind the 3D lighting, finishes, environment and placement of props and characters. Our services include still renderings for photo-montage, impact studies, design approvals and marketing, also fly-through animations, 360 VR applications. Our services cater for both small and large residential developments, also large housing estates and integrated communities.

Commercial and industrial visualisation

We have an extensive experience in commercial developments and large industrial precincts requiring drone aerial montages, impact studies, exterior/interior renderings as well as marketing animations. We have also worked with hospitals, universities, correctional centres and defence facilities. Over the years we have created and collected a large extent of 3D models of Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane CBDs.

Retail Visualisation

According to our retail clients this is one of the more challenging categories of renderings to be outsourced. Creating a retail scene not only requires the tools to create attractive lighting and accurate materiality, it most importantly requires the resources to create the product. Product must represent the brand and the store. It must be placed as a merchandiser would arrange their product in the store to maximise customer appeal. Extremely tight timeframes and an ever changing design schedule are also a normal part of the retail design cycle. Impact have worked internationally with large duty free and high end retail, as well as local retailers and restaurants.

Event space and entertainment visualisation

We enjoy a challenge. Typically not suited to most architectural rendering studios, large scale event spaces require extensive use of character animation, lighting, special effects. We finish up with creative editing and a bit of smoke and mirrors to showcase your venue in the best possible way. We’ve worked with major stadiums, several theme parks, theatres and casinos.